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JBead Foundation Important Milestone
The Community Empowerment Fund (CEF)


Los Angeles, CA: May 18, 2016 – JBead Foundation announce an important milestone in our movement to help students create career paths and make a smooth transition from college to the workforce community. The Community Empowerment Fund (CEF) vision and mission was created by Founder & CEO, Dr. Jeffery Butler.


Strategy: The CEF is making significant steps to increase outreach services in Workforce Education while expanding the important work and trust our community constituents put in us every day. The main strategy with our Workforce Education project is connecting education to careers. 


Partners: We will soon work with incredible partners to help ensure that our programs are well aligned to the careers our students and community citizens desire to achieve. This begins with aligning our community outreach programs to learning objectives desired by employers and staying well connected to industries as they evolve so that our community services remains relevant and valuable to all parties.


Innovation: We will also lead through innovation. The CEF is firmly rooted in a culture of innovation and the future is no different. We'll push ourselves to the next cutting edge of the outreach services by redefining community experience so our citizens receive what they need to achieve their life and career goals.


CEF Funding: In the immediate future JBead Foundation, Inc. will receive research grants, sponsorships, and various other funding sources to expand the CEF Outreach Programs with Resource Information, Storytellers, Webinars, On ground and Online Workshops, from professionals to HELP students, across all ethnic groups, make the transition from college to the workforce community.


Coming Soon: Be sure to register on the CEF You Tube Channel to stay connected and updated on current trends for each CAUSE! Each month we will highlight some of our inspiring #CEFStorytellers for each CAUSE so the impact is far greater and the brand reach serves more community citizens globally over a sustained period of time!


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