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63rd Annual LMU Alumni BBQ

Advertise Your Business with Page Ads: Why Advertise?   

•    Increase visibility as University Instructor, Business, Corporation, Social Media Growth
•    Promote your University, College, Business, Corporation, Mission, Purpose, Vision, etc.
•    Draw attendees to your Ad listed in the Agenda Book, Website, Venue
•    Attract financial institutions, media, students, professionals, businesses,  corporations, and
      others to training programs from your Ad listed in the Agenda Book   & website.

•    Recruit and list your company job openings
•    Locate connections and business networking, converting to sales
•    Effective social media marketing of your company profile
•    Learn new ways to engage with your business, students, clients and gain customer loyalty
•    Share your latest deals, products, services, news and events
•    Learn business and revenue growth by social networking your ad face-to-face at our three (3)

     annual community events.


Promote your brand with Advertiser benefits     

JBead Foundation, Inc. advertiser benefits ensure that you/your organization and/or company is recognized before, during, and after the conference. Our new website can market corporate brands to well over one million customers annually through e-marketing, strategic (targeted) marketing campaign, utilizing page ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, Flip Book, E-newsletter, and other Social Media Tools

More importantly, advertisers who purchase their ads or post their business cards by a specific date TBA are featured on our website before the conference for additional corporate exposure. By meeting this deadline, you are invited to attend the Meet & Greet Social Hour: Date TBA. The Foundation's three annual community events are designed to showcase corporate partners and individuals to give maximum brand exposure to a new customer base. 

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Ad in Event Program Booklet – Company/Individual  Supplies Artwork
Full page color Ad, inside front page (unlimited) $1,500
Full page B&W Ad, inside front page (unlimited)    $950
Full page B&W Ad, inside back page (unlimited)    $650
Half page B&W Ad, inside front/back page (unlimited)    $350
Quarter page B&W Ad/Business Card (unlimited)    $150

Ad Specifications

Ad in Conference Program (black-and-white) 
 • Full page 9.5”H x 7.5”W
(no ads bleed)
Advertiser provides artwork Artwork must reach JBead Foundation, Inc. by TBA
• Half page horizontal 4.6875”H x 7.5”W
(no ads bleed)
Advertiser provides artwork Artwork must reach JBead Foundation, Inc. by TBA
• Quarter page vertical 4.6875”H x 3.6875”W
(no ads bleed)
Advertiser provides artwork Artwork must reach JBead Foundation, Inc. by TBA
Stand-alone flyer inserted into registration materials Max unfinished size: 8.5” x 11” Advertiser provides insert at own expense Proof copy of insert (in PDF format) must be submitted to JBead Foundation, Inc. for approval by TBA. Inserts must be received at community event site no later than TBA. 
Ad on Event Website 
 Listing on Exhibitor, Program Journal, website, Information page Includes one hyper-linked graphic, one 100-word description, and one hyper-link from exhibitor’s name on the conference sponsor page. Static content only Advertiser supplies copy & graphics and any hyperlink information Exhibitor, Advertiser, Sponsor’s information will appear when logo and description are received

NOTE: JBead Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any ad containing material of a questionable or objectionable nature.


Ad Checklist:

  • Print ads should be black and white or grayscale
  • Follow size specifications as indicated above
  • Create ad in an acceptable file format:
    QuarkXPress (version 7 or earlier), Adobe  Photoshop CS6 or earlier, Adobe Illustrator CS6 or earlier, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Please DO NOT send ads as MS Word documents
  • In QuarkXPress: Do a “collect for output” to ensure all image and font files are  included.
  • Provide all supporting files including logos, photos, and illustrations
  • Include all Please be sure to include fonts used in EPS or Tiff files as well or save the text to outlines in those file formats or send file via e-mail using a compression software before sending (such as WinZip if you are on a PC or Stuffit Deluxe if you are on a Mac).
  • E-mail files sent without being compressed sometimes may have errors or may not be able to open, especially if sent from a PC to our Mac platform.

  • Provide a printout of the ad via fax @ 201-408-8457

  • E-mail file to jbutler40560@gmail.com (10 MB max)

    Ad Size

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellations received after date TBA are subject to a $150 service charge per person. Cancellations made after the final cut-off date TBA will result in FULL AD service charge.

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