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ABOUT US: JBead Foundation, Inc. is an expanding, ambitious, innovative, Los Angeles based non-profit corporation established in 2003. JBFIM was established within the corporation to explore and acquire assets and investments for business growth solutions. JBFIM promotes strategic “need-based” business plans that connect with investors, financial institutions and corporate sponsors, individual donors, and business owners for raising capital to support the Foundation’s philanthropic community giving priorities.


GROWTH: JBFIM Equity Portfolio will grow at more than 150% per year through solid planning and proven competitive investment strategies with a group of professionals that bring dynamic energy to the corporation. 


JBFIM Equity Portfolio is realistic and based on very conservative sales figures and investments relative to the industry as a whole. That is because one of the goals for JBead Foundation, Inc. is to build the business one client at a time and to serve each client as if it were the last.   


STRATEGIC PLAN TO RAISE CAPITAL: The Foundation’s strategic plan is corporate team building and collaboration through multi-level marketing equity assets (e.g. real estate holdings) to increase revenue streams that accumulate wealth while building a stable “culture of giving support” through the NCC-UPN Fund.


NCC-UPN FUNDis a public drive network of Sponsors, Donors, Community Partners, Legal Shield Associates, Investors, Banks, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Businesses, Colleges & Universities, and various stakeholders that express interest to advance the mission and vision of the Foundation’s Outreach Programs. The corporate partnership addresses future global trends and those concerns raised during annual events by our community constituents.


NCC-UPN FUND GOAL: (1) Build Intellectual-Equity and (2) Manage a portfolio of over one (1) billion dollars in asset allocations (e.g. Cash, Real Estate Holdings, Stock Options, Bonds, etc.) to reinvest for grants writing research, employment opportunity, general operations, and various philanthropic ventures to support our community constituents.


SUSTAINABILITY: The NCC-UPN future investments, corporate partnerships, and giving priorities are maximized by carefully measured "data driven decisions" to reduce risk while expanding growth opportunities within communities we serve. The vision for the NCC-UPN is to expand the Foundation’s community outreach programs and services under one endowment so the impact is far greater and the brand reach serves more community citizens globally over a sustained period of time. 


Mission: Customer service is what the Foundation will do best and it is a large part of the community outreach to cultivate loyalty with each person we contact. 

Jeffery Butler Educational Advancement & Development Corporation

DBA: JBead Foundation, Inc.

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JOIN US: JBead Foundation and our corporate partner: Legal Shield, as we build a global marketing team to help your community prosper. We invite you and your community friends to join this powerful journey and professional opportunity for marketing your brand to reach a new customer base. We are looking for some good people to partner with to expand our community outreach programs. So I would be happy to chat with you and see if this might be a fit. Email Us @ jbutler40560@gmail.com.


Please forward this amazing business opportunity to someone in your community that can benefit. 


Platinum Executive Director: "Conservative" Monthly Earnings: $40,000 

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  • Want to take charge of your financial future while helping others gain access to affordable legal services and much, much more?  
  • Want to use your Legal Shield Associate and plan membership marketing strategies to invite friends to join your "corporate team" to advance the Foundation's mission and cause-impact areas that support various need-based communities?
  • Want unlimited income potential?
  • Want access to contests, promotions, and incentive trips?
  • Want to work full or part time (and keep your current job)?
  • Want to set your own hours around your family and lifestyle?
  • Want 1099 tax benefits for Small Business owners?
  • Want training and support offered nationwide?
  • Want to connect to your business information online from anywhere?
  • Want to work from home or travel throughout world on your time schedule?
  • Want to earn a substantial living while making a difference in other people’s lives that are less fortunate?
  • Want opportunity to invite others and showcase your business at the Foundation's three (3) annual community outreach events?
  • Want opportunity to market your company on the NCC-UPN FUND Mobile APP for more global exposure to reach a new customer base?
  • Want a six or seven figure annual income and have special website access?
  • Want to automatically become part of the Foundation's Equity Portfolio to explore and acquire other venture opportunities to increase your Legal Shield Business annual earnings?
  • If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll enjoy coming aboard as a Legal Shield Community Associate. You can develop “group strategies” that will increase your business and visibility in the community.
  • Email Us @ jbutler40560@gmail.com if you have questions about your First Step. Welcome to JBead Foundation and your Legal Shield Business Opportunity. Let's get to work and help others prosper in your community!