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NCC-UPN Fund Affordable Housing Program

JBead Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce we collaborate with global partners to acquire long-term capital for the NCC-UPN Fund Community Outreach Programs.


Growth: The NCC-UPN Fund is an expanding, ambitious, innovative PROGRAM that intends to grow at more than 150% per year through solid investment strategies, customer service, and a great real-estate acquisition plan.


Goal: The NCC-UPN Fund goal is to manage real-estate assets, investments, and business solutions to help community citizens purchase their home. The NCC-UPN Fund is working to keep dreams alive. The NCC-UPN Fund will not only define success by the number of properties closed and sales volume but also by whether people were helped in the process.


Mission: The mission of the NCC-UPN Fund is to increase minority homeownership in the Los Angeles area and eventually move into similar markets within the United States and international countries. The NCC-UPN Fund will target the low-income, affordable housing market, with a focus on acquisition of the following type properties:


Commercial Properties
Residential Properties
Land, Tax Liens, and Deeds
Bill Boards
Residential Care Facilities
Mobile Home Parks
Apartment Complexes (small and large)
Low Income Housing
Storage Facilities 

Community Acquisition


The NCC-UPN Fund will research the market to acquire between $200 and $250 million dollars for the Foundation's Equity Portfolio real estate assets. The Fund will also seek to provide stable income and long-term growth to expand the Foundation's Outreach Program Development.


Our Approach

Value Orientation


The NCC-UPN Fund will create value opportunities through nationwide real estate activities to increase acquisition of quality assets at considerable discounts to alternative cost. Then, our experienced team of asset management professionals performs well-defined strategies such as property upgrades, operational improvements and strengthened marketing efforts to begin moving emerging businesses in the right direction.


Unlike traditional investment firms that concentrate on increasing revenue internally, our goal is to help people identify problems so they can move forward in their life. The NCC-UPN Fund will then focus on revenue sharing efforts to work with small and large businesses to implement concrete, practical, short-term actions designed to help each company reach maximum potential.


Quality Assets


The NCC-UPN Fund core investment strategy is to acquire high-quality income producing assets through a well-defined real estate investment strategy. Our portfolio holdings include various assets and properties held in well-established and emerging markets, many of which have major barriers to new growth within certain market sectors.


Our research and investment knowledge has revealed to us that high quality assets in major and emerging markets with obstacles to access have shown stability in volatile economic times; and overtime have achieved significant results in a down economy.


COMING SOON: Be sure to register on the NCC-UPN Fund YouTube Channel to stay connected and updated on current trends for each CAUSE! 



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