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63rd Annual LMU Alumni BBQ

Learning Through Collaboration Business Luncheon for Start-Ups

Theme: Innovation and Growth


Dear Community Friends: 


Business Luncheon Purpose: Each year JBead Foundation connects with professionals from our global community to provide a national platform that brings together various industries/sectors to inspire local and worldwide discussions about educational, social, financial, and health issues that impacts our lives.


The Foundation has created the perfect platform to help individuals, corporations (large and small) reach more people through social media and we are learning new technology for additional marketing strategies to expand your brand reach!


We’re busy developing inspirational sessions, booking dynamic speakers, and building valuable networking opportunities. All we are waiting for is you to participate in our annual community outreach events to expand your brand reach.


JBead Foundation is engaged in community success for individuals and small businesses, and the development and growth of various industries. To ensure students, the community, aspiring entrepreneurs and small, technology-based business owners have exposure to a local, national and international stage in an increasingly connected world, we invite you to attend the Learning Through Collaboration Business Luncheon for Start-Ups. 


"Ideas are worth sharing!" Do you have something interesting to share with your community? JBead Foundation will integrate and connect YOU with its global community and individual experiences to encourage a diverse lineup of business start-ups, thinkers, STEM-related discipline majors, and innovators consistent with our cause - impact areas.


Goal: Our goal for the business luncheon is to connect our sponsors and corporate partners with our impact areas that are changing the world while educating and encouraging students, the community, aspiring entrepreneurs and small, technology-based business owners to reach their goals. This luncheon is where participants make a business case by presenting a Poster Session, Video, Slide Share, or Power Point, to help jump start interested funders, sponsors, corporate partners and thinkers that may want to fund your idea or project. 


The luncheon will recognize entrepreneurs, students, individuals, and businesses perseverance and determination to reach their goals. The community will come together, learn from important films, listen to guest speakers and discuss various topics about business development. Join us!


We are hoping that you will encourage your community friends to attend this amazing showcase. No matter where you are on your path to success, the Foundation will always be able to provide a platform with services that encourage community citizens to make their goals a realization!


Poster Sessions: Brilliant poster session examples are listed here to help formulate an attractive presentation for your audience. Even though the examples are predominately scientific in nature you can clearly see various formats to get ideas for presenting a video, poster session, slide share or Power Point. You want to present the best work/idea to get maximum attention from interested bystanders for your thoughts. 


The luncheon and V.I.P. reception is a one (1) day event designed to invite: entrepreneurs, student research projects, grant proposals, community agencies, start-up and seasoned businesses, across all markets, to showcase their invention/ideas via poster sessions, company videos, slide shares and power point presentations to various funders: Legal Shield Associates, Investors, University and College Faculty, and the global community. So let's get those project sessions ready now to showcase your talents. 


Here are just a few topic ideas to consider while formulating your presentation. For example:


Who is your market?

What are your differentiators?

What makes you viable?

What are your indicators of success?

What evidence (i.e. case studies/literature/data), do you have that your idea/project/proposal will work?

What's your time line and key milestones?

What are your plans to scale?


Speakers: The luncheon will also feature invited speakers to discuss current trends in corporate America and various opportunities available for young aspiring entrepreneurs. This information-packed event will provide you and your company an opportunity to interact with and provide input to the experts and professionals who influence and make million and billion dollar decisions.


The business luncheon defines its activities within four (4) primary impact areas.


Expanding Opportunities: Reaching across barriers - be they based on gender, ethnicity or physical condition - to tap the talents of every person.


Developing Leaders: through educational programs for youth empowerment, careers, and community citizenship growth: Supporting the type of community service that gives talented individuals the experience to become future leaders.


Embracing Communities: Connecting neighbors to create networks that will address the complex social and environmental challenges we all face.


Promoting Resource Management: Building community awareness about the importance of education, technology, health, wealth, and social media, while helping people manage business to make their services available and affordable for all.  


Participation Opportunities: Title and custom sponsor, page ads, corporate group tables, exhibit space and various options are available to fit your budget for acquiring business connections while expanding your brand reach.


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