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63rd Annual LMU Alumni BBQ

Customize Your Sponsorship 


Standard corporate benefits packages are available. However, we will work with all of our perspective advertisers, sponsors, exhibitors, event table requests, investors, and community partners to create a strategy that fits your budget to ensure marketing objectives are reached for your company. Keep in mind that early submission brand logo and contribution commitment is posted within days and receives immediate exposure on our website for one year.


TBA is our print deadline for all requests. Please email sponsorship and marketing preferences to jbutler40560@gmail.com to discuss additional corporate benefits for you and your company not advertised on this page.


Thank you for your time, consideration, and interest in our community events. We sincerely hope you see the challenge ahead, the opportunity we provide, and the impact our conference will have in the communities we serve. Together, we can make a difference. We look forward to hearing from you very soon. We are excited to move forward with planning our conference while establishing a long-term collaborative community partnership with you or your company. Search Store.


Learning Through Collaboration Luncheon Sponsor

     10 Spaces Available


Book Signing Sponsor  

     05 Space Available


Reception Sponsor includes signage at all food stations

     01 Space Available


Breakfast Sponsor includes signage at all food stations

 02 Spaces Available


Program Booklet Sponsor

 05 Spaces Available


Production, Entertainment, Video, Photography Sponsor

 03 Spaces Available


Business Center Sponsor

 05 Spaces Available


Wrist Band Sponsor

 04 Spaces Available


Speaker's Sponsor

 04 Spaces Available


Gift Bag Sponsor

 03 Spaces Available


Reception Sponsor

 05 Spaces Available


Internet Zone Sponsor

 06 Spaces Available


Poster Session Sponsor

 50 Spaces Available


Coffee-Cyber Cafe-The Hub of the Conference 

 02 Spaces Available


Invited paper or policy roundtable session sponsor

 08 Spaces Available


Event Plenary Session Sponsor

 10 Spaces Available


Hotel Room Key Sponsorship 

01 Space Available


Event Break Sponsor

  09 Spaces Available


Splash Page Journal Ads- Companies place their company ads on the hotel reader boards and in the event agenda program booklet

 03 Spaces Available


Upgraded Lounge Sponsor

10 Spaces Available


Relaxation Station Sponsor

 05 Spaces Available


Event Registration Sponsor

10 Spaces Available


Upgraded healthy start breakfast sponsor

10 Spaces Available


Stand-alone flyer inserted into registration materials



Recognition on our website for one year



Space on Resource Tables (shared) for one year




Would you Like More Visibility to Promote your Company?


You can promote your company with a complimentary promotional item (e.g. gift certificate). Once approved by the Foundation staff your gift certificate or similar item is placed in our promotional gift bags. This is complimentary for you and a nice promotion for your company.  If you are interested, email us at jbutler40560@gmail.com

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Luncheon Registration Dates TBA

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