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The Discussion: The thing that's really valuable within the Foundation global conceptual "mind set" is that we have created several diverse platforms to provide support for various populations. Worldwide, the senior population is expected to continue to grow faster than any other age group. That means a significant increase in demand for solutions like in-home care that can help aging adults maintain good health and live longer as engaged members of society.


JBead Foundation will create a supply for this demand by offering the community a portfolio of services for our seniors.    

Our Mission
“Helping disabled seniors learn about resources to promote independence and quality of life."


 Our Vision

...is that all seniors should have access to the resources that they are entitled to through their community, insurance, local non-profit organizations or service for our country.


Many seniors that we serve will have simple needs but go without because they are unaware about the process to connect with resources they need to live a quality life. 


Our Role

"JBead Foundation Helping Hands" role is to be a bridge to resources while storing a database about how to qualify, apply for and receive the benefits we know about so that this information is shared with disabled seniors who need those services.  

The Foundation has twenty (20) Community Outreach Programs. The annual operating budget for the Aging outreach program is: $1.8 million dollars. If you would like to view the complete operating budget spreadsheet, please email jbutler40560@gmail.com. 

Here is a brief summary of various program services and employment opportunities created within the community to boost the economy.    


Brief view of Program Services


Home Care

Home Health Care
Palliative Care
Fall Prevention
Adult Day Care
Wheelchair Service
Food Assistance
Insurance Information

Totals for annual program services and operating costs: $1,225,000

Employment Opportunity


Program Assistant TBA: 65,000 
Administrative Assistant TBA: 45,000 
Helping Hands 1 TBA - Base Salary/Commissions: 35,000 
Helping Hands 2 TBA - Base Salary/Commissions: 35,000 
Helping Hands 3 TBA - Base Salary/Commissions: 35,000 
Helping Hands 4 TBA - Base Salary/Commissions: 35,000 
Social Worker - Case Manager TBA: 65,000 
Research Analyst - Principal Investigator TBA: 65,000 
Statistician TBA: 70,000 
Project Coordinator: 125,000

Totals for annual salary: $575,000

Special Note: The Foundation will offer paid internships to students. More details later about degree requirements and experience as the program develops.

This page will be updated with more details as the program develops.


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