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63rd Annual LMU Alumni BBQ

May 2019 is National Mental Health Awareness Month!

The Discussion: According to research literature approximately 25 percent of North Americans suffer from diagnosable mental and health related conditions each year. Mental health awareness month provides a special opportunity for all of us to amplify the conversation around emotional well-being.


Community Outreach - Market your Brand: If you are a licensed mental health professional (i.e. Psychiatrist, Psychologist, MFT, LCSW, etc.), Optician, Primary Care Physician or Community Agency seeking an opportunity to expand your individual/company brand reach please contact us to discuss details for listing on this page as a valuable community resource.


We want to INVITE board certified professionals to join our collaborative efforts in other areas: orthopedics & pain management, functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, pain management specialists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and weight loss instructors.


Also, if you are a writer or have a book/business/product that is inspirational, motivational, which speaks to world issues (e.g. Basic Needs: Vision, Hearing, Health, Wealth, Peace, Hunger, etc.), JOIN our network of community consultants here for more global exposure to expand your brand reach. You can be a SPOTLIGHT within our global community!


The Foundation is working diligently with incredible partners to secure research grants, sponsorships, and various other funding sources to expand our Community Outreach Programs


We would like to collaborate with you to empower students, individuals, businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, Colleges and Universities, to improve the quality of life for community citizens. Your community partnership will help us reach many “need-based groups” that require our outreach program services. More importantly, citizens will prosper economically with your far-reaching influence, while you market your brand products and community services to a new affluent customer base.


Goal: We accomplish our goal "together" by expanding your brand reach to empower citizens that need assistance through online videos: storytellers, webinars and onground workshops, from professionals in the field to inform others where to access clinical/behavioral/health/care information. We hope you'll join us!


We will continue updating this page to bring you community resources for those who need assistance with personal growth and development, health and related services. If you have a community resource please email us @ jbutler40560@gmail.comWe will examine the content to determine if it is suitable as a public resource.    

Community Resources


Coalition of Mental Health Professionals 


Personal Involvement Center


Pepperdine University Community Psychology Counseling Clinics


Union Rescue Mission/Pepperdine University Community Clinics 

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Join the NCC-UPN Fund Network as a Community Consultant for global exposure for your brand/book/business.

For details: email for more information. 

Our Community Consultant Spotlight

Dr. Emma Simmons

*Emma Simmons, M.D., M.P.H.

*University of California, Riverside

School of Medicine

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